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Founded by Joia Preciosa in 2022, #TAAMagazine is the magazine that showcases talents in architecture, art and design.
Whether you're looking to read about the latest great talents or share your story, #TAAMagazine has it all.
Check out our range of articles and get your daily dose of news and updates!

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TAA Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to celebrating and showcasing African talents in architecture, art and design.

Our mission is to elevate the voices of African creatives and help them to gain greater visibility in the international arena.

We believe that the African continent is full of potential and innovators, and we strive to bring these individuals together and showcase their work to the world.

We are passionate about inspiring and supporting the next generation of African architects, artists and designers and helping them to reach their full talent.

We are looking for new Talents!
Joia Preciosa

We are looking for new Talents!

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TAA Magazine


March Edition 4

Welcome to the fourth edition of the #TAA Talented Architects From Africa Magazine.


This Magazine gives voice to known and unknown talents in the field of architecture and art.

The objective of this magazine is to allow talents to share their story, to share their passion and to allow readers to discover them.


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Tracing the Origins of Africa

 A Journey through Time

Africa, a vast and diverse continent, has a rich and complex history that dates back thousands of years. From the earliest human ancestors to the great empires and civilizations ...



Last Talents  SPOTLIGHT

Baro Sarre

Baro Sarré

My name is Baro Sarré, I am 36 years old.

I am an illustrator, graphic artist with Afropean influence ...


Leeds ,UK

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