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Partnerships and advertising

With an average of 2,000 visitors per day and a growing presence on social networks, #TAAMagazine has become in a few months a medium that is making a name for itself in the media world.


The magazine aims to highlight African talents in architecture, design, decoration and art.

Its content is written freely, according to our favorites, current trends, needs and desires that we perceive among our readers.


Our offers :

We have imagined various offers for architects, public establishments, designers, brands and artists taking into account your objectives:


  • Acquire notoriety / make yourself known (new brand)

share news (launch of a new product, event, promotional offer, etc...)

  • Develop the image of your brand / your company (universe, know-how, values, etc.)


We offer the creation of advertising banners, promotional videos and GIFs.
If you want to grab people's attention and get them to click on your ads to learn more about your offers, you need to provide them with attractive banner ads. Indeed, they are considered to be effective when they transmit a message to a targeted audience while encouraging clicks in order to generate traffic and conversions on your website.

In addition, these visual ads contribute to the development of your notoriety. This is why, within #TAA Magazine, we ensure that our creations are modern, suit your brand image and respect the codes of web design.

What is a banner?
Visual ads are the most common advertising formats on the web and help you promote your products or services. Graphics, they must be attractive and personalized in order to make users want to click on them and thus be redirected to a specific page on your site.

These banners also allow you to increase your site traffic, sales and brand awareness.

Display formats available
There are several formats of banner ads.

Thus, you can easily find the one that best meets your expectations and your desires!

Classic banner: this is one of the first formats to appear on the Internet, its horizontal form is the best known and it is still widely used today.
Mega banner or large banner – was developed following the rise of high-resolution screens. Its high visibility is its main asset.
The skyscraper: the vertical format of the web that promotes integration and ensures real visibility. It is an ad that can be animated or interactive.
The paving stone: another great classic, it is mainly used on editorial sites and offers very good visibility due to its location. It is also suitable for video creation.
The square: narrower than the paved format, it is well suited to smaller spaces.


TAA Magazine can also broadcast your promotional videos, GIFs and banners on its site, social networks and partners!

An effective way to advertise and generate visitors!


Sponsored Articles

Real content dedicated to your brand, sponsored articles (or advertorials) have many advantages:


  • You gain notoriety and reach a well-targeted community in search of inspiration, services and great discoveries.

  • Your credit is accumulated by appearing in our magazine.

  • You improve your natural referencing (SEO) since the article includes a link to your brand's website and social networks.


We offer two types of editorial services:


The “press release” article:

This is an article containing the content of a press release that you send to us. The article is published in the magazine and relayed on our social networks (instagram/facebook).

We are modifying the press release so that it incorporates the communication codes and graphic charter specific to our magazine.

We publish the article within 10 working days of receiving your press release.


The advertorial:

This is an article written by us based on various information provided by the company, research carried out by the editorial staff, possibly a telephone interview, a visit or any other element deemed useful to the elaboration of the article.



Social Media Competition

The competton are a great way to introduce your products . We design in consultation with you a visual for a competition for which you specify the conditions (number of winners, products that you will eventually offer, duration of the competition, conditions of participation, method of designating the winner(s).


The contest is shared on our social networks .



For any request, send us an email to:

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