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Curtis Moody

Driven by a passion to break into architecture, a field little represented by minorities, Curtis Moody decided to create his own architectural firm.

He took a considerable risk and opened the doors of Moody and Associates in 1982.

In the beginning, the company consisted of only 2 people, Curt and a graduate student in architecture. The company grew very quickly and already had nine employees in less than a year.

Curt partnered with engineering firm Howard E. Nolan & Associates, and it was then that the company: "Moody Nolan" was born. Moody Nolan, headquartered in #Columbus, #Ohio. Moody Nolan is today the largest African-American architecture firm in the #UnitedStates. It designs sports and academic facilities, health establishments, offices, hotels and mixed facilities. Recent projects include Wintrust Arena in McCormick Square, #Chicago; Marriott's Moxy Hotel in #Columbus, the International Museum of African American History and many more...

In 2021, the company won the "Architecture Company 2021" award. This is the first time that an African-American-owned company has won this prestigious award.

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