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The Lagos Wooden

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

The Lago's wooden tower, the very first African wooden skyscraper designed by the young #Cameroonian architect Hermann Kamte the founder of the firm HKA Hermann Kamte & Associates.

Winning project of the International Award for Sustainable Architecture Awards 2018. The wooden #Lagos Tower (Nigeria) is built on top of an existing building, Abebe Court, in the luxury residential Ikoyi district.

Hermann Kamte's approach has relied on traditional architecture and culture, mainly Yoruba but also Edo and Hausa, to give birth to a forward-looking architectural concept. Beyond the strong cultural symbolism and daring architecture, the building meets the criteria of sustainable development.

The Lagos region in southern #Nigeria already has the forest resources to produce timber. The height of the tower allows for natural ventilation and sunlight with floors surrounded by greenery and terraces.

The roof is a furnished and living space with a restaurant and a garden and the envelope also acts as sun protection.


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