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Warka Village

The project of "Warka water" called "Warka Village" located in the rainforest of #Cameroon, is an integrated space for the Pygmy community, an isolated society located in the #Mvoumagomi region.

Warka water is a non-profit organization run by italian architect arturo vittori.

Warka Village is a project for an integrated village built only using local and natural materials and local building techniques.

Earth, water, stone, wood and natural fibres.

Warka Village aspires to transform the landscape of holistic human development, using low-cost, sustainable, community-driven, high-impact, multi-sector development interventions tailored to the specific needs of the village.

The project, which should be completed in 2022, is already operational with around 30 people, including workers and pygmies - hunter-gatherers from the rainforest - living on site.

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