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The works of Mr Demas Nwoko have always been a great source of inspiration, not just to me, but also to several other creatives and designers around the world who share the same sentiments. The form and functionality of his highly authentic works are known to celebrate the African heritage. This fact is alluded to, right from his architecture to his signature design pieces.

The theme of the inaugural Design Week Lagos festival is “Lagos 2099: Redefining the Narrative”. As we deliberate the meaning of African Design and grapple with the parameters of the African Aesthetic, I could think of no one more suitable than Mr Demas Nwoko to lead the discussion on African Vernacular design. His in-depth knowledge of the subject matter can be experienced in the authenticity of his works and indeed in his dedication to the reformation of African Design.

My conversations with him have been more illuminating and profound than I could have hoped for, and I would like to thank Mr Demas and for welcoming us into his home and sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge with us. This book includes all the pillars of our discussions, as well as an extensive gallery of images that depict the personal works of Mr Demas across a range of disciplines. I hope you are as enriched and inspired by the information contained in these pages as I am.


Price : £15.10

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