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THIS IS AFRICA: Traditional, Design, Modern & Contemporary

I will not accept an inferior position in the art world. Nor have my art called African because I have not correctly and properly given ex- pression to my reality. “
– Ben Enwonwu

African Art has been of great importance to the world and was a source of inspiration for Europe’s early modern art movement with classical African sculpture influencing some of history’s greatest artists such as Pablo Picasso, Amadeo Modigliani and Henri Matisse.

In contemporary epochs, Africa has continued to be a source of inspiration for the creative community. More recently, we have seen fashion designers from Valentino and Jean Paul Gaultier to Louis Vuitton referencing Africa in their designs.

As more eyes turn to the continent with a redefinition of perceptions of what constitutes African art and design, it has become imperative that Africans present their perspective by defining their own identity on an international platform.

The book provides an incredible platform for artists and designers to redefine the narrative surrounding African creative talents. It seeks, to not only establish Lagos as a cultural hub but also to promote cultural hotspots and artistic ferment across the rest of the continent by exposing, redefining, rebranding and creating awareness of Africa’s home grown creative talent.

THIS IS AFRICA: Traditional, Design, Modern & Contemporary

Price: £14.92

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