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VERNACULAR DESIGN: Redefining The Narrative

Lagos as a heritage city boasts of unique artistic and cultural offerings and is recognized internationally for her vibrant hospitality and cultural exuberance’s. However in a city where the festival culture is deeply rooted, a festival of design is not offered!

Design Week Lagos endeavors to bridge this gap. The concept is to create an annual event to promote the city’s creativity, drawing in the city’s thinkers, practitioners, retailers and educators to deliver a diverse celebration of design.

The Design Week Lagos serves as a sustainable annual design week held in Lagos which caters to the design community, enthusiasts and inhabitants of Lagos, thus uplifting her standards and maintaining its integrity, locally, and beyond. DWL is established as a design-centric, socially responsible and inclusive community that fosters incubation, advancement and productivity of Lagos designers and creatives to the rest of the world.

The Design Kulture Exhibition held in the city of Lagos, Nigeria on the fifth to the thirteenth of October 2019, serves as a nexus between our past and our present through the careful selection of relevant and specific objects, design elements, ideas and initiatives. The event is thoughtfully curated to prove that our present indeed comes from our past and that they are convincingly related. Design Kulture is a festival/exhibition which will create a platform for Architecture, Interior design, Furniture design, Product Design & Technology, Visual & Media and Design Thinking.

VERNACULAR DESIGN: Redefining The Narrative

Price: £15.10

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