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  • Is AI art really an art ?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to create art that is indistinguishable from that of a human artist. In some cases, AI can create art that is even more realistic than that of a human artist. AI can create art by drawing on data from images, video, and other sources. It can also create art based on user input. AI can create art that is humorous, serious, or any other type of artistic expression. ©Joia Preciosa Some artists believe that AI will eventually replace human artists. Others believe that AI will augment human artists, providing them with additional creative abilities. AI can be used to create art that is more accurate, realistic, or even abstract. AI can also be used to create art that is inspired by specific artists or periods in history. There are a number of companies and organizations that are working on AI-based art projects. For example: Midjourney, DALL-E, Google, Google has developed a project called DeepDream. DeepDream uses AI to create images that are dreamlike and psychedelic. The question is: Is AI art really an art? Even if it is possible to be recognized as an AI artist and to be entitled to sell his works. Many wonder if it is really worthwhile to appropriate a work created with the assistance of an artificial intelligence. Recently, the artist Jason M. Allen won the Blue Ribbon in the Colorado State Fair's Emerging Digital Artists' Fair competition. ©Jason M. Allen His work "Theatre D'opera Spatial" is one of the first AI works to win this prize. The work was created with "Midjourney" an independent research laboratory which produces an artificial intelligence program. But the awarding of this prize has generated complaints and negative reactions from other artists accusing Jason M. Allen of cheating. Mr jason M. Allen will say later that his work had been submitted, specifying that his work had been done with an AI and therefore that he had broken no rules. No matter how AI is used, it is clear that it has the potential to profoundly change art.

  • How to decorate your house ?

    When decorating your home, it's important to have a vision in mind. What do you want your house to look like? Do you want a traditional look with traditional furniture or do you want a more modern look with sleek furniture? Once you have a vision in mind, it's important to start by selecting the right furniture for your home. A home is a place where you feel comfortable and happy, it should be decorated in a way that reflects your personality and style. Remember that home is your space and your refuge once your outdoor activities are over. There are many ways to decorate your home, and it can be a fun and rewarding project that you can be proud of once completed. Here are some tips to get you started: -Start with a concept plan. Decide what kind of feel you want your home to have, then start selecting pieces that will help you achieve that. -Think about your favorite colors and styles. Use these colors and patterns in different ways throughout your home to create a cohesive look. -Think about the type of atmosphere you want to create. Is it formal or more casual? Do you want a bright and cheerful home, or a more sober and relaxing one? -Think about how you want to use your home. Do you want to entertain guests in your living room or use it as a quiet and cozy space to relax? If you're looking to add some personality to your home, there are several ways to do it. To do this, you can include adding interior decoration ideas that are unique to you. You can create your own small decoration, create unique small furniture, add effects or patterns to your walls. If you are someone who loves the arts, you can add works of art to your home (sculptures, paintings...) If you are a fan of nature, you can add plants and flowers to your house (create a green space, a separation of rooms in plants etc...). If you are someone who loves the outdoors and the vintage, you can add outdoor objects, objects of industrial use to your home. There are several ways to add decorating ideas that are unique to you, and each of them will give your home a different and more individual look. Don't hesitate to buy second-hand and give it a second life with a different function (an old wooden ladder transformed into a shelf or towel rack, an old chest of drawers transformed into a bookcase or wall niche etc ...). You can also give it a different color or texture! You might be surprised at the wonders you find.! Be creative !

  • Architecture in Africa

    Architecture and design in African countries have a long and rich history. From the ancient pyramids of Egypt to the modern skyscrapers of Johannesburg, Africa has a proud tradition of building beautiful things. African architecture is characterized by its diversity. For exemple the ancient structures in Zimbabwe or the modern buildings in South Africa, each country has its own unique style. There are a few general characteristics that can be found in African architecture. First, it is typically less formal than European architecture. Second, African architecture is often characterized by its use of natural materials, such as wood, clay, stone and local materials. African architecture is often associated with the continent's traditional cultures. This architecture is often designed to reflect the local environment and culture. The pyramids of Egypt are known throughout the world but much of African architecture remains unknown. Here are some African architectural : Hikma complex, Niger The Architect Mariam Kamara collaborated with Yasaman Esmaili to restore an old Hausa mosque that had fallen into disrepair, adding community space and a library. Kasubi Tombs, Uganda Kasubi Royal Complex is the burial place of the monarchs of Buganda Kingdom. It was constructed mainly of wood and other organic materials. The interior is designed to replicate a sacred forest and is topped with 52 circular rings to represent each of Buganda's 52 clans. Palace of Emperor Fasilides, Ethiopia This castle is located in the city of Gondar, in the north of Ethiopia, in a fortified enclosure known as "Fasil Ghebbi" . The site includes about twenty palaces, royal buildings, churches, monasteries and unique buildings elaborately decorated. Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre, South Africa Set in a rocky landscape within Mapungubwe National Park, the center won South African architect Peter Rich the 2009 Building of the Year award at the World Architecture Festival. Great Mosque of Djenne, Mali A monument of Islam, the Grand Mosque is the largest earthen structure in the world. The mosque is a symbol of the city of Djenne it is also the greatest achievement of Sudano-Sahelian architecture . Hillbrow Tower Johannesburg, South Africa An unofficial symbol of Johannesburg, the 833-foot-tall (269-meter) Hillbrow Tower was once a must-see tourist attraction for its sweeping views of the city. The tower also had a luxurious slow-rotating restaurant at the top, as well as another luxurious non-rotating restaurant. Unfortunately, for security reasons, the tower was closed to the public in 1981. Africa has many beautiful architectural constructions and listing them all in this article would be endless. Do not hesitate to share in comment the constructions that you had the opportunity to see or the one that inspires you.

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  • magazines

    #TAA Magazine has 4 Editions per year. Publications are available in: March July September/October December Before each publication, an extract will be shared on social networks . If you want to share your experience and be part of the #TAA adventure send us a message on the chat or send an email to: Share your Story March 2023 #TAA Magazine Read Download March 2022 #TAA Magazine Read Download October 2022 #TAA Magazine Read Download July 2022 #TAA Magazine Read Download

  • Architecture | #TAAMagazine | Leeds

    Founded by Joia Preciosa in 2022, #TAAMagazine is the magazine that showcases talents in architecture , art and design . Whether you're looking to read about the latest great talents or share your story, #TAAMagazine has it all. Check out our range of articles and get your daily dose of news and updates ! Contact WELCOME Welcome to #TAA Talented Architects From Africa Magazine. This Magazine gives voice to known and unknown talents in the field of architecture and art. The objective of this magazine is to allow talents to share their story, to share their passion and to allow readers to discover them. Some readers will recognize themselves in them and others will find a major motivation by reading these few lines. We hope you enjoy our magazine and that it will give you the opportunity to discover talented people who deserve to be known. ​ ARCHITECTS Architects , decorators , interior architects are many of these talents who like to create, design and embellish our living spaces. Work as a freelancer or in a company, they all share the same passion: The design and creation of spaces . Architecture in Africa ​ The Architect Mariam Kamara collaborated with Yasaman Esmaili to restore an old Hausa mosque that had fallen into disrepair, adding community space and a library ... CLICK FOR MORE ​ #TAA MAGAZINE March Edition 4 Welcome to the edition of the #TAA Talented Architects From Africa Magazine. This Magazine gives voice to known and unknown talents in the field of architecture and art. The objective of this magazine is to allow talents to share their story, to share their passion and to allow readers to discover them. ​ Downoald #TAA Magazine Read on Calameo Julian Abele The architect out of the shado w ​ Julian Abele is a well known architect from #Philadelphia , he was the first black graduate of what is now the school of design/architecture . Julian Francis Abele, was born in Philadelphia on April 30, 1881 and was the youngest of eight children born to Charles and Mary Adelaide Jones Abele. Through his mother Adelaide, Julian was a descendant of Reverend Absalom Jones, founder of the Free African Society and of St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Julian Abele was educated at the Institute for Colored Youth, Brown Prep School, and the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art before enrolling at the University of Pennsylvania in 1898. An outstanding student, Abele received numerous awards. awards during his undergraduate years at Penn. In her final year, Abele served on the student yearbook committee and as president of the Architectural Society. He designed more than 400 buildings but not all of them have been verified and credited ... ​ CLICK FOR MORE ​ Go to the Shop ! TALENTS Last Talents SPOTLIGHT Baro Sarré My name is Baro Sarré, I am 36 years old. I am an illustrator, graphic artist with Afropean influence ... CONTACT US Leeds ,UK Name Email Subject Message Thanks for submitting! Submit

  • Products

    X In partnership with Amazon, #TAA offers you its selection of products. Exclusive products in the field of architecture, art and Africa. Find new products every month and take advantage of the discounts available on Amazon. Item List Adjaye · Africa · Architecture: A Photographic Survey of Metropolitan Architecture, 7 Volumes By David Adjaye Read More Architecture of the Islamic West: North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula, 700-1800 By Jonathan M. Bloom Read More Creating 3D Building Models with SketchUp: A Beginner’s Guide to Use SketchUp Tools: Architecture Drawing Software for Beginners By Ruth Shane Read More Francis Kéré: Radically Simple By Andres Lepik Read More Hassan Fathy: Earth & Utopia By Viola Bertini & Salma Samar Damluji Read More IN CONVERSATION WITH DEMAS NWOKO By Titi Ogufere Read More INTERIOR DESIGN PROFESSIONAL GUIDE: Africa And The Middle East By Titi Ogufere Read More Kaira Looro Architecture Competition: Women's House ​ Read More Morocco: Destination of Style, Elegance and Design By Catherine Scotto Read More THIS IS AFRICA: Traditional, Design, Modern & Contemporary By Titi Ogufere Read More The Real Interior By Nthabi Taukobong Read More VERNACULAR DESIGN: Redefining The Narrative By Titi Ogufere Read More

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